Guerilla Games is a studio mostly known for its Killzone series, but recently they stated that the studio would pursue something new for them. Moreover, Horizon Zero Dawn is just that, an open world game with strong RPG ideas in an exciting post-apocalyptic game world. What makes the game distinct, is the fact that it has some incredible visuals and at the same time, you also get a beautiful story to boost.
The great thing about this game is that you have a heroine that is not afraid of dealing with giant mech-like creatures, all to uncover their secret and bring back the power to humankind.
What you will like a lot about Horizon Zero Dawn is the fact that this game is designed to bring you lots of challenges all the time. Each new mission you do is different, yet it delivers a surprising amount of fun, and you will like the experience every time.

Another thing to keep in mind about Horizon is that it has a wide variety of environments. There are a lot of unique situations that you can focus on, and each one of them comes with its set of features. The regions are vast and unique, the way you play is incredibly fun, and this is what makes the game so much fun, to begin with. It clearly shows that there is much value to be had and in the end, it is what matters the most.

The combat is excellent and tactical at times, but this offers a great experience overall. You will like the voice acting, it is superb, and it provides a good sense of immersion. If you are the type of player that enjoys action packed gameplay with exciting missions, this is certainly right up your alley.
There are some side missions, but overall you will not find those as interesting as you might feel from the outset. There are numerous interesting mechanic’s you can use, and the ability set does help you accumulate new skills and enjoy the gameplay in a different manner all the time.


What you have to note about Horizon Zero Dawn is that it shows you how the state of our world can harden a person. There will be lots of tough decisions and plenty of violence, but this suits the game very well as a whole.
Plus, the fact that each enemy has its vulnerabilities is also helpful. This works to your advantage, and it clearly shows just how valuable and exciting the entire experience is. That is what you need to focus on, and in the end, it will certainly be the right fit for sure.
The game can be tough at times, you will die in battle, but you will also learn lots of tactics. Horizon Zero Dawn is a stunning experience and a very intense one too, so if you want a beautiful action game, this is not to be missed. It shines when compared to other RPGs released until now!

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