Sniper Elite is one series that will always impress you with its unique gameplay mechanics and exciting moments that comes from it. Maybe the best thing about it is the fact that you get the opportunity to see new WWII locations all the time. In Sniper Elite 3 we had the pleasure to explore Africa, now we have the same opportunity to do it in Europe, continuing to pursue a vastly unique experience offered by Rebellion Developments.
The game does a stellar job when it comes to bringing you that massive open world feel. Sniper Elite on its own is just as stunning, huge and filled with lots of cool stuff that you will enjoy. It is safe to say that each time you explore this world, you will always find something new to use, plus this time you have weapons and skills to customize. This way you get to play in any way you want, and the experience on its own can be rather challenging for that reason.

thumb-1920-798753The X-Ray kill-cam is back, and it is as glorious as ever. Sure, there is a bit of hassle here and there, but overall you will find the game to be rather competent, fun and full of interesting places for you to see.
The AI will always do their jobs at trying to kill you, and this works to your advantage. There are many new regions to explore, and each level can require up to 4 hours to study. There are lots of collectibles too, which is always nice to have for sure. The game world is very detailed, which is something that works visually to your liking but also to the game’s advantage.

What you will like about the survival mode is that it is quite challenging which is a huge plus. However, it can become a bit tedious at times. Another thing they added is the fact that you can mark an enemy with the binoculars allowing you to find out more about your target and his or her background. It is an interesting approach, and it just makes the game seem more vibrant and alive, which is what you want to have in the end.

thumb-1920-798752-1                 thumb-1920-798751

The multiplayer is nice, but overall you will see that there aren’t many people playing as of the moment, hopefully as the game drops its price you will find more people joining in on the fun.
Graphically, I found Sniper Elite 4 to be the most visually appealing sniping game out there. The world is vast and enticing, the gameplay is very diverse, and the mere fact that you are not locked into a particular set of gameplay mechanics. Meaning you can always pick how you want to play if anything does not work to your favor. One thing is for sure, Sniper Elite 4 is much fun, and it is one of the few games out there that brings justice to Italy in the WWII era.
Although you may have a few random crashes at times (so save often!!), you will find Sniper Elite 4 to be still a blast to play, and it is certainly one of those titles that will continue to impress you. With that being said this game is well worth your time if you like FPS and more particularly sniping games!

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