Nowadays, we rarely get to have a new game that is worth purchasing, so it is easy to see why many people were excited by the prospect of a new medieval game coming out from Ubisoft.
Right off the bat, it is safe to say that For Honor provides an experience focused on multiplayer. I entered the singleplayer campaign knowing that, but I did leave from there quite impressed with what they pulled off. At its core, the singleplayer is a glorified tutorial for each of the characters, but you get to find out more about each character as well as explore the numerous options presented there.
I also like the attention to detail provided to each character and faction. You have three factions: Knights, Vikings, and Samurais. Each one of them has four different characters that are distinct which caters to their various play styles. From the agile Valkyrie to the massive Shugoki, you have lots of exciting options.
The great thing is that you can customize every bit of gameplay you can find here. Not only can you modify the character skins, but you can also change various weapon parts to focus on more damage, faster revives and so on. They even added a set of active and passive skills that you can use mid-game if you want, all of which make the gameplay very in-depth.

for-honor-high-definition-wallpapersThe combat system is very nice. Even if it sounds complicated, you will soon learn that you just have to push a button to focus on the opponent and then either attack or block using the directional system. It sounds a bit hard at first, but it is a great experience on its own, and it pays for itself in the end.
The multiplayer is full of challenges. You will have duels where you can show your skills as well as game modes focused on 2v2 or 4v4. I am a fan of dominion because it features large maps and various control points both of which seems very well made, but each game mode comes with its challenges. The game is very populated most of the time, so finding a new lobby is rather easy.for-honor-picturesHowever, For Honor uses a P2P matchmaking system, so instead of using a server, the game will stop as it migrates to a new host if the wrong person leaves. Meaning that you will have lots of lag if you play with someone from another continent. With that in mind being in certain game modes with lots of players, will sometimes have multiple players coming towards you and trying to attack you. There are even times where you are placed in 1v4, 1v3 or even 1v2 situation; you may end up losing the match.
Graphically, the game looks amazing, and you do get that feeling of action game done right with this title. There are tons of challenges to be had here, so don’t expect the game to be easy, it is far from that. However, if you like action games and you have patience, you will have lots of fun here. You can go ahead and grind to unlock everything. Overall, For Honor is a fun game with an excellent gameplay and even if it has some issues, it is still a good, recommended experience!

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