A parasitic alien race has descended upon Earth with the mission of burrowing into the brains of vulnerable targets. If they make it to the target’s brain, they acquire full control of their host and can transform into different forms in order to feed on their prey – the human race. Our main character, Shinichi Izumi is attacked by one of these parasites. The parasite fails to take over his brain due to his quick reaction, keeping the parasite in his right hand. Unable to relocate due to their fragile nature, the parasite (now named Migi) must cooperate with Shinichi in order to stay alive. This uneasy partnership must work out in order to defend themselves from other parasites that hope to erase this new threat to their species.


Shinichi was once a boy with many small fears, humble in nature and with a chivalrous, caring attitude to boot. Now, with all these changes in his life and the challenges he must face, watch as he quickly matures and starts to tackle each encounter with grit and tactical wits. Each episode brings something creative to the series with a good steady pace of the plotline. It’s not too fast to leave you confused and also not too slow that you’ll get bored of the show. There’s definitely a lot to offer from this series – I mean, just look at these pictures!

Usually, in alien-based anime, things can get a little bizarre or misconstrue. However, in this anime, the producers capture the storyline and the relationships between the two races very well. With everything riding on how well they work together, can Shinichi and Migi’s partnership succeed in making it through this stormy season of terror? With family and friends still involved in Shinichi’s life and new imminent dangers, how will Shinichi mask the fact he carries a parasitic alien in his right hand along with protecting his loved ones from these monsters?


This anime is action packed and suspenseful. There are moments of despair and plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the series. The visuals are definitely aesthetically pleasing as well as terribly gruesome – a wonderful contrast to the hideous species that is the parasite race. If you haven’t already seen this anime, it should definitely be the next in line on your watchlist!… Or rather, forget what you’re watching now, go and check this one out!

Collection 1 is right -> here

Collection 2 is -> here

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