Imagine a world where you can no long fear the limitations of man, and without these restrictions surpass death itself. Waking up one morning to find out that you are unable to feel pain, get sick or die. How would this change you? What would you do with these powers these abilities? Use them to control the world, fight for justice, live in peace? These are the questions Kei Nagai has to answer for himself sooner or later. Nagai is an average student who wants nothing more than to live a simple and quiet life. However, everything takes a turn for the worst when he is hit by a speeding truck on the way home from school. He discovers that the incident did not kill him, and he was completely unharmed. With this realization, Nagai understood what he truly was a nonhuman, something many has come to fear an Ajin. You see people who are born immortal are known as Ajins; they are not considered humans but dangerous abominations. This misunderstanding led the human race to fear and hate them, and soon this hatred resulted in segregation. Due to this, the government offered to help all Ajins live in peace alongside humans in safe environments, but all of this, of course, was a lie using this offer to capture Jins and use them for cruel experiments. This betrayal caused intense dislike towards all normals and the ones lucky enough to escape the experiments vowed to exact revenge on everyone.


Ajin: Demi-Human is your typical species vs. species anime where one side believes their ideals are best for the humanity. Moreover, if you are not on their side, then you are the enemy, and if you are not like them, then you are an abomination. There is not anything that stands out to keep this one in your top five because it hardly brings anything new to the table with all of the cliche humans vs. non-humans racism. Although there are a few things that keep you wondering, like if this is a natural mutation or a failed experiment that got out. This explanation seems to escape the show completely as of the moment. However, they did clarify that you can not decide to become immortal and gain all of the perks that come with it, but is in fact completely random and not passed down either. So death is the only way for anyone to know if he or she are a Jin or not, and who in his or her right mind is going to test that theory out. Overall, Ajin is an enjoyable anime with its CGI art style, if you are into those types of things and recently enjoyed other shows like Darker Than Black, Speed Grapher, Elfen Lied or even X-Men, then Ajin is perfect for you. Unfortunately, if you love constant battles between powerful beings like in these similar shows you will surely be disappointed, but rest assured there are some forms of entertaining fights.


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