Are you a little busy with life? Does work or school limit your time to watch any anime? Was that an understatement? We as otaku know that struggle all too well. Don’t worry, our next featured anime is a packed 13 episode series that will send you a flurry of emotions. Of course, we’re talking about – Angel Beats!. For such a short series, this anime is packed with episode after episode of nonstop comedy, thrills, and upsets that will lure you into watching more.

Otonashi awakens in a strange area only to discover that he is dead! Nearby, a girl holding a large caliber sniper rifle named Yuri explains that he has entered into the afterlife. The one thing that Otonashi can remember is his name. What happened to me? Why am I here? Join along with Otonashi and the Afterlife Battlefront, (Also known as Shinda Sekai Sensen – SSS), while they wage war against Tenshi, the “evil” mistress of the realm. Discover the world in which each character originated and the miseries or failed dreams which led them to this realm.

Angel Beats! has wonderful character development for how short the series is. With hilarious puns and the inability to die, this anime’s scenes are wonderfully orchestrated to cause uncontrollable laughter. In contrast, as fast as they make puns, they swiftly throw in the cold-blooded reality that life can deal you. With unresolved issues, each character has a past they are still running from. However, this realm wasn’t meant to last forever. Will everyone be able to move on in time or will they be obstructed to darkness for eternity?


The visuals are outstanding in this feature. I, myself, have the Blu-ray copy of this series which did not fail to meet my expectations in visual aesthetics. With silly faces and meme-worthy ovations, the artwork is hilariously drawn. While in the same manner, the reality and dark aspects that are shown with it’s deep contrasts and dark times are just as vivid.

Overall, this series was a shoo-in to meet my expectations and enter my own personal collection of well-orchestrated animes. As linear as this anime appears from the beginning, you’ll be amazed at the plot twists that derive from memories forgotten upon entering this realm. All in all, this action packed, comedy filled, tissue needing series will always keep a spot in the top seats of my collection. I hope that you as well get the chance to experience the thrills and upsets this series has to offer.


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