Martial arts, territorial struggle, wars, and cold-blooded killers! What more can you ask for in a tv series right? That is where Into the Badlands come in packed with a hefty dose of action, adventure and drama on the side. The show is set in the distant future long after many brutal wars, causing fear to sweep the land. Because of this, a small group of men and women stepped up to rule, outlawing all guns and providing protection from any future conflict. Unfortunately, the people soon realized that this so-called protection they were promised turned into unwilling servitude. These rulers used this servitude to forge their territories, building armies and training them to be deadly sword-wielding killers. As a result, the leaders now calling themselves Barons, use these soldiers to protect their regions, do their dirty work, dish out punishment and hunt down their enemies.


Into the Badlands is a great show that can draw someone to keep watching it from start to finish, using an excellent line up of actors and actresses. If anything the female stars are what makes the show come alive and not because of the sex appeal but because they know how to bring their characters to life. Specifically, the Widow played by Emily Beecham who does an excellent job portraying the first female threat in the entire show. That is just one of the many things that keep you glued to your seat. For example the beautifully choreographed fight scenes; that shows off how much time and effort was actually spent in every particular move. In the same way, the wardrobe made them fit the parts perfectly, making you feel as though you were truly there living it to the fullest. The saddest thing about the show is how short it is six parts to be exact, and each part is fifty minutes or so to say the least making it seem as though they rushed it out or was not sure it would last the year with other competitors. That aside each part will be a thrill ride for anyone that regularly enjoy similar shows such as The Walking Dead, Nikita or even Hell on Wheels. Rest assured; there are plans for a return season in 2017 if you enjoyed it, with a total of ten episodes almost double the excitement. Thus, Into the Badlands will be a great addition to your list for that special weekend bingeing with friends, family or popcorn.


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