Have you ever had that one person in your life that you could just never get along with? Did you have to force yourself to partner up in order to achieve your own goals? Has someone ever told you that you will never amount to anything due to your lack of stature, talents or brain capacity? The one dream you have requires teamwork. In order to make your dream come true, will you be able to overcome the demeaning character in your life? If any of your answers to these questions are yes, you may be able to relate to our next featured anime – Haikyuu!!.


Haikyuu!! is an anime about a high school volleyball team at Karasuno High. Inspired by Karasuno High’s “Little Giant” who dominated in the championship matches, our protagonist, Shoyo Hinata, is determined to become the next giant on the court. Though, having only played by himself through his middle school years and being one of the shortest students at his school, Shoyo doesn’t know what he lacks in order to achieve his goal. Despite his lack of training, he has more than enough ambition and determination to make something of himself. Conversely, our first antagonist, Tobio Kageyama, is a naturally talented player who despises Shoyo’s enthusiasm and love for the game. Thinking that Shoyo isn’t taking the game seriously, Kageyama constantly chastises Shoya to try and discourage him. Instead of shutting down and giving up, Shoya is determined to show Kageyama that he deserves to stand on the court as well, creating a progressive rivalry that pushes both Shoyo and Kageyama to their limits game after game.

Haikyuu!! is full of exhilarating plays, long rallies, heartbreaking upsets and personal character accomplishments. Each episode brings something new and fulfilling to the anime – whether that be a new concept about volleyball, deeper character development, new rivalries or new friendships. For someone who has never played volleyball once in their life, this anime is sure to get you contemplating on how intense or exhilarating volleyball might be. You will learn along with Shoyo just how tactical this sport can be and how hard you have to work in order to become proficient at it.


The anime’s visual aesthetics are cleverly portrayed to help match the high-speed movements volleyball has to offer. After watching this anime, I honestly couldn’t say that I saw any loops, (the same frames played repetitiously), in their artwork except for one character’s spectacularly deadly serve. Which, I don’t mind seeing over and over again! The pace of the action along with the balance of character development and dramatic events are very well spaced out or even integrated at some points to create an anxiety that will get even the most timid of people cheering into their TV for Karasuno High. Each character has their own individual flaws, but as a team, it’s up to each member to overcome their adversities as one. The only way for them to learn is through mistakes and hardships which this anime captures beautifully.

In conclusion, the character development is superb, the artwork is exhilarating, the plot line is cleverly navigated and the anime as a whole is not one to pass up lightly. If you enjoy sports and you also enjoy anime such as The Prince of Tennis or even Hajime No Ippo (The boxing anime), then I would definitely recommend adding this anime to your collection! 🙂thumb-1920-741751

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