If you like music and you also enjoy a nice slice of life anime, then look no further. Here is the anime from the 2016 line-up that left many speechless. If you’ve ever performed on a stage in your life then you should know well how frightening those steps onto center stage can be for anyone. No matter what hardships you’ve been through, one thing is for certain – everyone has anxiety. It’s how you overcome anxiety in order to create your own voice that provides a good performance. This anime captures this concept spectacularly.

Kousei Arima grew up practicing the piano with the strict guidance of his mother. Being able to precisely play any accompaniment on the piano, he inherited the nickname, the human metronome. Acing every competition he entered, many other performers looked towards him with resentment. After the passing of his mother, Kousei falls into a deep void rendering him unable to perform as he once did. Without being able to hear the sound of his own music, how will Kousei be able to ever perform again?

Kousei started to avoid the piano. After two years, he left behind all fans and rivals to live with his friends in silence and without music. One day, he meets a violinist who captivates Kousei with her beauty and appreciation of music. This free-spirited girl, Kaori Miyazono, takes Kousei back onto a journey into the competition with musical prowess. The only issue is, will Kousei be able to hear his music again? Can he play the way he wants to be heard or just exactly as it was written? Sit back and enjoy the upsets, the failures, the victories, and the overall struggle with Kousei and Kaori as they create their own music together.


With each episode developing the rivalries, the relationships, and the inner turmoils Kousei must face in order to achieve his goal, this anime creatively expresses the changes within Kousei and leads the plot into unsuspected outcomes. For a drama anime, it’s pleasingly suspenseful. With a few plot twists as well, this anime definitely becomes a masterpiece from the 2016 collection.

Living up to its expectations of a dramatic anime, Your Lie in April has everything you would want in a drama – romance, dramatic events, heartbreaking upsets, declarative victories, and joyful moments that will keep you rooting for Kousei throughout the series. With beautiful artwork and vivid effects, what this anime portrays before you will have you in a lull of appreciation for the sound of music put into a frame.

Overall, this anime is without a doubt a top seat for the 2016 line-up. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch this anime already or you think it’s not a genre that’s for you, I would still recommend taking a moment to give it a try. Just make sure you have your tissues on standby 😉


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