Have you ever played an MMORPG? Do you know the feeling of what it’s like to lose yourself into the world of adventure and questing? What if, upon entering the realm of your game, you were unable to return? Turning the game into your new reality, what would you do in order to pass the time? Welcome to the world of Log Horizon – our featured anime of the day.

Shiroe, our socially awkward college student, is a veteran in the game world of Elder Tale. Moving right past the initial shock of the inability to log out, he swiftly begins his adventure to explore the laws of his newfound reality. Shiroe is joined by his friend Naotsugu who hadn’t played for years to suddenly be trapped into this realm upon entering. As well as his female companion Akatsuki, a small, deadly assassin who is subject only to Shiroe. Join Shiroe as he delegates his way into creating an infrastructure for the main city with laws and regulations that must be upheld. Organizing the gaming community and becoming a crafty manipulator, Shiroe must ensure that the citizens of the city, as well as NPC’s (non-player characters), can harmonize with equality and peace.


This anime is not your average action series. It rides more on the craftiness of trades and delegations. Moreover, Log Horizon has enough clever plot twists and hilarious puns to keep you interested. While following Shiroe, you’ll see just how crafty and clever he can be in delegations. Though it seems he may be getting the short end of the deal, he will without a doubt have a surprise in store for those who enjoy assuming outcomes. Watch as Shiroe manipulates the royal faculty and the leaders of guilds in order to force everyone into submission. Earning the nickname, “Black-Heart Glasses” or “The Villain in Glasses” (also seen as Hara-Guro Megane), Shiroe will do everything in his power to create a stable environment for the people of Elder Tale to reside.

The direction of this anime is pretty straight-forward. Stabilize the community while continuing to look for a way out is Shiroe’s main goal. The methods as to which he accomplishes these goals is what allows this anime to come together. With a plethora of puns to make you smile, delicate situations that need solving and meddling nemeses, Log Horizon presents us an enjoyable adventure. Though some parts may seem a little slow, these moments are far and few in between.

Overall, this anime creates a stable and solid adventure to enjoy throughout the entire series. With the calculating enchanter Shiroe, the loyal knight Naotsugu, and the strict to the ninja code Akatsuki, our adventure is filled with how people intertwine to create a dynamic environment. This title has lived up to the expectations of a good MMORPG spin-off anime while also capturing the pros and cons of delegation. If you enjoyed other series such as Magi: The Adventure of Sinbad or No Game No Life, then be sure to check out this title as well!


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