Werewolves Within is a game night type of game where players enter a unique VR world. Where Werewolves are among you, all you have to do here is to find the people that will turn into these vile creatures. To do that, you will need to place a lot of patience and attention into the matter at hand. The game does an excellent job at keeping the experience fun and distinct all the time.
They added a guidebook which immediately tells you the role of each player and this way you will have no problem understanding how the game plays, to begin with. What I liked about the game is that each one of the players uses a particular set of roles as well as abilities.
You can persuade people, and you can make them feel that you are not a werewolf or make them think that you are one. The possibilities are limitless here, all you have to do is to take your time, and the gameplay will be very immersive and fun in the end.
The medieval world is nicely designed, and the fact that you get to play this in VR is quite exciting. The game does a splendid job at offering a decent set of guidelines and ideas as you go along with the premise. You will like the fact that the gameplay is very immersive and you will certainly appreciate the uniqueness of these game mechanics.
Everyone can become the werewolf at any given time. That is why it’s up to you and your social deduction to pull things through. It might be quite challenging to do that at first, but the possibilities are there, and they are limitless. That alone brings a new layer to the game, and it makes the experience a lot more rewarding as a result.
While the graphics don’t impress here, the gameplay does do that. The entire experience is simplistic and fun. It does a magnificent job at offering you a unique set of values and the fun you get here is second to none. Werewolves Within is a great social game and a very fun one at that. It manages to be both funny and rewarding. It’s enticing, and it can provide you with an excellent experience as you play. If you are a fan of game night experiences and you want to use your social deduction and hidden role gameplay ideas, Werewolves Within is perfect for you.
The game does a superb job of helping you track your skills. It’s not only very distinct, but it’s also designed to bring in front an incredible experience and immense gameplay ideas that you will enjoy. So, you should consider giving it a shot as it’s absorbing. It is one of the best social games out here, so try it out, and you will love it! Of course, keep in mind that playing Werewolves Within can take a while, as the title is pretty hard to master and there are always some new challenges to overcome!

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