With an abundance of anime shows out in the stores today, it can be a big hassle to try and decide which one may or may not suit your needs. Nobody wants to spend an excess of money to later find out that the series was unenjoyable. Therefore, let our team of otaku help relieve some of your anxiety with our reviews and recommendations. Without further ado, let’s hop into the seat and lock ourselves in for this next roller coaster of an anime series – The Future Diary (Also seen as Mirai Nikki).

The Future Diary is by far one of the most fun mind-game, horror, suspense animes that I’ve seen since watching Deathnote. If you enjoy anime such as Psycho-Pass, Death Parade, or even the lovable Eden of the East, then this anime should be next in line to be placed into your collection.

Yukiteru is a boy who doesn’t associate much with people. As a loner, he spends most of his day taking notes on his phone on what goes on around him throughout his day. One day, his phone starts telling him what will happen around him before it even occurs! A little thrilled, Yukiteru watches the phone’s entries and looks around for the results until, suddenly, it reads when his death will come to fruition. How can he prevent his death? What steps must he retrace in order to prevent the untimely outcome of his demise? Being called upon by the God of Space and Time, Dues Ex Machina, and his assistant Muru Muru, Dues had turned Yukiteru’s phone into a device capable of telling the future outcomes of up to 90 days. Yukiteru also discovers that he’s not alone in this instance. With 11 other future diary users, this cool new feature on his phone just became his weapon for the battle royale in hopes of becoming the God of Space and Time’s successor.

This is the tempo at which the anime begins; Yukiteru is thrown straight into chaos and misery. With mysteries unraveling, our apprehensive character must face life or death situations between himself and other “diary users” in order to become the last man standing. The only problem is, his childhood friend who is infatuated with him is also involved. Will he be able to find a way for both of them to make it to the end of this mayhem?

With tactical plotting and outsmarting foes, getting swindled and betrayal of trust, Yukiteru must face each competitor head on in hopes of keeping himself alive. With his estranged partner Yuno, therein lies unsolved mysteries that will have you aghast as you unfold the depths of despair along with Yukiteru.

With every episode bringing a new disaster or sanctuary, it’s a heavy roller coaster of ups and downs and loops to send your head spinning. Where is Yukiteru going to end up? Will he make it? The Future Diary does a splendid job on keeping you guessing each episode. Even as a viewer, it’s hard to predict who is and isn’t trustworthy in this series. The ending is just as suspenseful as the beginning which is reassuring that the suspense continues from start to finish. Indeed, a well thought out horror/suspense series to enjoy.

The visual effects of this anime are also very well drawn together. With the dark contrasts and deep colors to go with this gory, horrifying, drama, the art helps match the feeling this anime puts out.

In conclusion, this anime series is a must have for your collection of horror and suspense. With the wild Yuno, the naive Yukiteru, and many well-acted supporting characters, this anime is a non-stop, edge of your seat, grit your teeth anime that will leave you shouting for more. 


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~ As Always, Keep Calm and Watch Anime ~


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