After a very successful game in the form of Shadow of the Colossus, people had some very high expectations from The Last Guardian, a new game created by Team Ico. The title was announced in 2007, so it did take around ten years to finally bring it to fruition.
The game explores a link between a small boy and a large mammal. The two enter various adventures that you will enjoy as you play. The interesting thing about the game here is that your main focus is to try and evade the guards and explore the world to reach new heights and eliminate enemies. The game does an excellent job at offering you a sense of great control, and the fact that you can interact with the massive creature as you both try to reach the very best results is nothing short of rewarding.
While the plot is very easy to understand and quite fun to go through, it’s the gameplay that stands out here. As you play the boy’s role, you will have to lure this huge, astounding animal through the map and use it to evade your enemies.
It’s the combination of action and adventure that makes the game so much fun here because you have a great set of approaches that you can use as you play. The game does a magnificent job at making everything feel different and fun all the time. The experience is simplistic, and the gameplay is always designed to impress. They did a splendid job at making the entire game world meaningful and refined. However, it’s the combination of the two characters that pays off quite a bit.
The puzzles included in the game vary in difficulty. Some of them are very simple, others not so much. It’s the way you approach each problem and how you want to play that manages to set the tone to new heights.
They did a superb job at giving you a distinct, fun appeal and the experience on its own is exciting. I particularly liked the fact that a lot of focus is placed on the creature and its mood. They made the creature a central portion of the story and that works well here. They don’t add a lot of complexity in the game world, but the communication and interaction between animal and your character are very helpful.
There will be times when you want to feed Trico the animal, other times when you have to remove arrows or spears from his back and so on. You get to control Trico better as you play and your connection will grow as well.
Overall, The Last Guardian does an excellent job at being fun and immersive. It’s a stunning game suitable for the entire family. It might have a few hiccups here and there, but it is a delight to play, and you should check it out. Keep in mind that you will need a PS4 Pro to run it properly, as the older models have a bit of trouble maintaining a stable framerate.

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