Dead Rising 4 is a new and fun zombie killing game with a lot of fun and flavor placed all throughout the entire experience. What makes the game distinct and fun is its unique approach towards delivering an impressive value and the quality that it provides here certainly shows that. Once you start playing the game, you will be more than impressed with the fact that you return to the town of Willamette, which was the primary location for the first game!
We also get to reprise the role of Frank West, the same hero from the first game. But while things tend to be more of the same, the reality is that this is where most of the resemblances tend to stop. You are now a hero on the run, and you need to kill all the enemies that come towards you as fast as you can. The game does an excellent job at keeping the experience as intense as possible, all while retaining the core Dead Rising experience.
As you can imagine, the Christmas theme is here, and the game does an excellent job at offering some very distinct Christmas elements here. It also allows you to combine multiple weapons, something that can be quite creative and fun.
You get the series’ staple maniacs and many new enemies that make the game a lot more fun than what you would expect. The cool thing about some of the zombies is that they have armor which makes them harder to kill and so on. There’s always some variety or something different for you to play through. That alone makes the experience different, fun and distinct which is what you want to have here.
There is a bit of diversity here and there, but as I played, I found the game to be quite repetitive and filled with intense challenges. It’s not easy to get into, but it can be very hard to master, and the value is there for sure. The game does an excellent job of keeping you alert all the time, and the missions are great.
They did add in some side missions, but those don’t have a massive impact on the story or the way you play. They are fun, and they are used as a distraction which is exactly what you want them to be!
Based on my experience with this title, I can safely say that the game world is enormous and fun, but the real gem here is the gameplay. The game does an excellent job at bringing a stellar character design, and the zombies are very detailed too, and you do receive that sense of horror. While the game is still fun, there is a lot of violence, and the campaign will last you around 20 hours or even a bit more. Overall, I believe that the game does an excellent job at offering you an amazing gaming experience. Give it a shot if you want to play a zombie game, it is the best!

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