There are lots of interesting titles on the PS4, but not all of them strive to innovate as much as indie titles do. Earth’s Dawn is a good example of an indie game done right, as the title does have some very interesting ideas, all combined into a Monster Hunter and 2D brawler mashup!
The main idea in Earth’s Dawn is that you take the role of a soldier, which needs to eliminate a wide range of monster groups. The game gets progressively harder the more you play, to the point where it can be very hard to kill all monsters and finish the mission.
Speaking of missions, these are quite short and some of them are actually less than a minute long. However, there’s a ton of great missions to choose from so the experience can be more than exciting, to begin with.
Mission variety is ok, although you almost always have to kill some baddies in order to either collect an item or rescue hostages. The overall experience is ok, but I would have liked a better approach. For example, it would be nicer to have a stealth mission, but something like this isn’t in the game at least at this time.
Once you start the game you will find yourself really close to the action. I liked that because it makes the experience fun and distinct. Since everything is so colorful right from the start, you will have a sense of claustrophobia at first, but then again that’s understandable. There will be some really cool visuals, though each time you browse the levels.
The developers did a very good job in regards to creating a stunning, believable world and the more you progress within the game, the more fun you will have here. The character design isn’t exactly perfect for me, but if you get past that you will not have a hard time getting immersed in the world and story, to begin with.
Adding unlimited ammo was a very good idea here, although I for one would prefer some more challenge that usually gets delivered from the lack of weapons. Thankfully, Earth’s Dawn redeems itself with the action packed combat and the interesting platforming options. It could be better, true, but overall I am more than satisfied with the gameplay. The bosses are lacking something that would make them frightening. But overall they serve their purpose and in the end, that’s what matters the most.
The game could be better, true, but overall I feel that it accomplishes the things that it wanted to do right from the start. The missions are nice, the gameplay is immersive and the entire experience is more than rewarding. You should consider giving this game a try despite its minor flaws, as it’s an intense and action packed PS4 gaming experience that you just can’t find that often. It’s a nice title to just download and play and it does come with some really good action moments that are very hard to forget!

Get yours here Earth’s Dawn


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