Netflix’s original series Luke Cage also known as Power Man is one of Marvel’s oldest heroes. Possessing superhuman strength, and skin as hard as steel, he uses these powers to fight everyday crime in Harlem. If you are not familiar with this series but have seen Jessica Jones and Daredevil then you will enjoy this show all the same. The series Luke Cage lets you follow his transformation into the great hero we know now, showing us what life challenges that plagued his everyday life and how he received his powers. This gives you the idea that not everyone in the Marvel universe with powers is born with them, like some of our favorite mutants in the Marvel universe. And in this world not just mutants but all superpowered are hated for being different. Because of this, he chooses to hide what he is and live a normal life. But, Luke soon learns that the peaceful life he is trying to build will end and he will have to use his powers for good.

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