Titanfall 2 is a sequel designed to improve on its predecessor as it tries to bring in front something unique, interesting and never seen before. What makes the game distinct is its ability to present a campaign, something that the first game didn’t have! Not only that, but Titanfall 2 actually goes further by offering maybe one of the best campaigns in an FPS for years to come. It allows you to view a massive galactic battle through the eyes of a pilot and you will also witness the unique interaction of the soldier named Jack Cooper and his Titan.
Named BT-7274, this titan is the heart and soul of the campaign. The developer Respawn went to great lengths in order to make sure that the experience feels and stays authentic throughout the game. They do an amazing job when it comes to introducing rival titans and there are some amazing action sequences that you will remember for a very long time.
The introduction of 6 new titan classes, manages to flesh out the game even more, especially since each new titan has new abilities you can use on the battlefield. The game does a stellar job when it comes to balancing all titans, so you don’t have an advantage of you choose a titan over the other.
I am very impressed with the huge amount of customization options. These do make the game fun and distinct. You have tons of unlockables and the game does reward you with enough currency to unlock everything naturally as you progress. The progression system is great, it works flawlessly and it’s more detailed when compared to the predecessor.
When it comes to the pilot, you do have multiple weapon types to choose from. Since you can level up the weapons, you also get the option to add attachments. This is an element borrowed from Call of Duty, however, that’s about everything that seems familiar. Aside from that, Titanfall 2 is a refreshing experience and it does provide you with a one of a kind gameplay that you just can’t find anywhere else.
You also get to use some new toys as you play too. They have a grappling hook which allows you to go from a place to another without a problem, a throwing knife, a holographic pilot and other cool items. All of these add up in order to make the experience different and very distinct when compared to the other entry in the series.
Graphically, Titanfall 2 looks amazingly well. The game worlds in the campaign are visually stunning and you have tons of detail placed in everything. It just feels like a massive, believable world that you would want to tackle right now. Does that do wonders with the game? Yes, to some extent because the entire experience feels cool and refreshing.
Should you play Titanfall 2? Yes, I consider that this game is worth your time for sure! It has a ton of content that you can go through, it plays very well and it’s also a ton of fun. The fact that they don’t release a season pass does show that Titanfall 2 will indeed receive great support and it will provide customers with a very good value as a whole. That alone, combined with a stellar multiplayer and amazing single player show the reasons why you should play Titanfall 2 right now. Give this game a try, it’s really good!

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