Samurai Flamenco is a comedy of sorts about a young man named Masayoshi Hazama who is also a well-known model with a dream to be the greatest hero the world has ever seen. However, it was not a spur of the moment dream but a childhood dream mostly because of his grandfather make belief stories. This helps him decide what he wants in life and what the world needs which is a hero like in the stories he grew up with. But without superpowers or any kind of training to defend himself, he soon finds out that being a hero for justice can be more than what he bargain for. Moreover, with a heart of gold and friends aiding him every step of the way Hazama learns that nothing is out of his reach.
Samurai Flamenco is a joy to watch with a feel of all your childhood superheroes existing in one tv series with hilarious scenes and animation. It is a great show to pass the time or if you are in need of something a little different from your normal genres, but be warned it does start out a little on the slow side.

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