Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in another world an fantasy world to be more precise, but in this world everything is as real and more dangerous than your everyday normal Earth. Well, Subaru Natsuki is one of the chosen few to experience this blessing or curse from hell. Having no knowledge of how, when or who summoned him to this world, Subaru most find a way to return home or make this world his new home. Soon after waking he finds and befriends a young half-elf girl, but finds out that her journey is even more frightening than his own. When they both are mysteriously killed, he along wakes up and discovers that he can return or reset after each death calling it “Return By Death”. However, he alone can remember every event that took place in the previous life, making every event after a real challenge.
Re:Zero is a beautiful anime with an understandable plot but that can only go so far, you will find yourself loving the main character at times and wish that he stay dead at others. The show can be very predictable but with an interesting plot twist, but because of the stupidity of the main character and the deaths receives will always have you back for more.

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