Are you having a hankering for mechs, schoolgirls, samurais and outright battles to the death? Then you came to the right place and Kuromokuro brings that to the table with much much more. It is similar to previous anime such as Gundam or Full Metal Panic where the main characters fight to protect their world from a great evil. Set in a distant future where humans use advanced technology for everyday progress and security, which could not be possible without the research of a strange black artifact that was found. This artifact was a blessing in disguise or a warning to the return of a great threat that will soon plague the world again. Which began many centuries in the past, 450 years ago to be exact between an alien force called the Efy Dolgh and the human race. No one knows the reason behind the war or who was victorious because out of nowhere it all ended with the aliens disappearing without a trace alongside the great warrior fighting on our side. That was until a great discovery bringing what has been forgotten in history to light in present day Japan.

Kuromokuro is not much different from any other mech vs mech anime, having a balanced mix of CGI and animation. However, it can seem a little old or redundant with the plot, having a hero wanting to defeat his enemies at all cost and a young girl by his side to guide him in life. But, this will not turn you away if you are looking for something new and refreshing to binge through then this is a great find for all viewers. Just prepare yourself for a bit of cringe along the way, because I hate to say it gets tough at times.

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