In this world, individuals are born with powers these people with superpowers are known as Quirks. And these people use their powers, fight for peace and justice and of course there are others who fight to rule this world. With that being said a regular middle school boy Izuku Midoriya with the dream to be among the greats becoming a hero himself. But luck had another plan, he was born without powers of any kind which are real rarity having both parents are Quirks themselves. Because of this he is picked on and bullied every day at school for being normal. One day his childhood bully was in a threating situation with a very dangerous and powerful villain, and Izuku being the person that he is stepped in to save him. Even though he was quickly outmatched in every way, he continued to risk his life for someone other than himself. Witnessing this deed, the greatest hero of all time All Might rushed in to aid the two boys and save the day. And for his hero like bravery All Might passed down his own Quirk to Izuku, this allowed him to attend one of the best schools in the country U.A High School , a school that trains and cultivates the next and upcoming generation of heroes.
My Hero Academia is one of the best anime I’ve seen in a long time with a gives a warming mix of action, comedy, and fantasy, however, this is my own opinion and some will say otherwise. But I know for sure that anyone who has not seen My Hero will enjoy every bit of it start to finish.

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